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How much better or how well OXILVER Nail Solution Spray would work depends, of course, on the regular use of the product and nail care. OXILVER Nail Solution is an innovative product that cannot be compared to the products available on the market. It is an effective combination of active oxygen compounds, ionic silver, and panthenol that regenerate, oxygenate and hydrate the nails and skin. The active oxygen compounds selectively react with and destroy fungi and bacteria. This releases a special form of oxygen called ‘singlet’, which penetrates the human cell where it activates the mechanism of regeneration and repair. OXILVER Nail Solution is a real help for fungal infections of the nails as well as bacterial infections of the cuticles or inflammation due to a nail injury. Only regular, daily use at least 2 times a day should be taken into account. The entire surface should be sprayed and allowed to dry. Do not rinse or wipe.

OXILVER Nail Solution Spray is a combination of 3 main ingredients that not only restore the healthy appearance of nails but also oxygenate, hydrate, and regenerate them. Panthenol ensures better penetration of the ingredients into the nail and cuticle, while active oxygen compounds in combination with ionic silver oxygenate, regenerate and improve nail strength. A common cause of nail layering is psoriasis, which is also reflected on the nails. OXILVER Nail Solution has shown excellent results in these cases with regular use at least twice a day for 1 month.

OXILVER Nail Solution is used to treat fungal nail infections until a healthy nail replaces the diseased nail. The duration depends, of course, on the affected area and the rate of nail growth. It can be estimated at a few months of regular use and nail care.

You do not need to stop treatment with Lamisil cream. You can use it up and combine it with OXILVER Nail Spray. The ingredients in OXILVER Nail can be combined with all existing creams, milk, and gels without causing any interactions or non-repellency. OXILVER Nail is also an excellent combination with laser treatments or phototherapy carried out in salons, while the client continues the treatment at home, providing much better results in removing fungal and bacterial infections of the nails and cuticles.

Simply because it is completely different in its composition, its mode of action, its safety and good tolerability, the excellent results that the formulation proves day after day and the fact that the product is a wholly Slovenian innovation – of Slovenian origin. It should be stressed that the active oxygen compounds are not only antiseptic, but also inhibit the development of bacteria, fungi, and viruses through a specific mode of action, and in a way that is free of the resistance that is characteristic of antimycotics and antibiotics. Indeed, active oxygen compounds are needed to limit the incidence of non-responsiveness to these drugs in the context of the above-mentioned problems and topical application.

OXILVER Nail Solution Spray is primarily intended for the treatment of nail problems. It contains panthenol, which is the only ingredient that penetrates 1 mm into the nail, allowing it to work not only on the surface but also while penetrating the nail. Panthenol moisturises and regenerates both the skin and the nails.