Effective nail care when the months, wind, snow, and central heating lead to further drying out. Nails can become brittle and flaky. What can we do to strengthen them and what do we need to look out for?

Our hands, and with them our nails, are the most exposed part of the body. Hot summer weather, seawater, and chlorine in swimming pools dry out our nails, especially if we haven’t taken proper care of them. Come to the colder months, wind, snow, and central heating lead to further drying. Nails can become brittle and flaky. What can we do to strengthen them and what do we need to look out for?


The most common cause of brittle nails is frequent hand washing (e.g. working in the kitchen, in hairdressing salons) and the use of disinfectants. Problems with nail strength and flexibility occur because water or cleaning products leach the natural moisture and oils in the nails.

In general, external factors such as soaps, shampoos, cleansers, chemicals, and even seasons with dry periods can have an additional influence on brittleness, layering, and splitting. Nail growth is thus slowed down or even stopped.


Shorten the nails to the pad, taking care not to injure yourself in the process. It is important that the nails are not wet when filing and that the filing is done in one direction, not backward and forwards, as this opens the tips, again and again, causing the nail to split.

Nega nohtov - odstranjevanja laka z acetonom

Removing nail polish with acetone damages the nail plate dries out the skin and makes the nails even more sensitive. Remove nail polish with acetone-free nail polish removers, then wash your hands with soap and water and moisturise with a nourishing cream.

Overuse of nail polishes and gels can damage the natural nail, and plasters can cause nails to curl. If the technique used to remove gel or acrylic nails is improper, the surface of the nail may be damaged and the nail may start to thin. Never remove gel by force, tearing, or biting. This can lead to pain, inflammation, and infection.


The cuticle plays its part by retaining moisture and defending the body against germs. At the same time, it protects the nail nut, where nail cells multiply and create a new nail. When the cuticles are dry, red, and inflamed, it is necessary to take intensive care of the hands and fingers. Olive oil can be massaged into the skin around the nails to improve blood flow and prevent the formation of additional cracks. The softened cuticles are then gently pushed back.


Nails are made of keratin, a complex structural protein that makes up skin, nails, and hair. Their role is to protect the fingers and toes, and they are an indicator of our health. Some medical conditions can show in the appearance of the nail.

Nohti lahko razkrivajo bolezen

Their colour may also change at that time. Changes in nail structure are often caused by stress, reduced immune resistance, improper nutrition, deficiencies of vitamins A and B, deficiencies of elements such as iron, sulphur, improper thyroid function, and also occur in pregnancy, due to poor blood circulation, improper nerve function, and congenital disorders.


  • Make sure your meals are balanced and healthy. A varied diet rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, especially protein, is the key to healthy nails, as these are the building blocks of healthy nails. You can also help yourself to healthy nails by taking a dietary supplement containing biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B12.
  • Always keep your nails sufficiently moisturised. To keep the cuticles moisturised and soft, apply an oil containing vitamin E to your hands and nails before going to bed.
  • Protect hands with gloves when washing dishes and cleaning, and reduce hand disinfection with alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • We use nail care products with panthenol, which ensures the nails are cared for, properly structured, and strong. It creates a protective layer and is extremely regenerative.

For brittle and split nails, you can help with the innovative combination of active oxygen and ionic silver in the OXILVER® Nail Solution Nail Spray. This alleviates the symptoms of various unwanted processes on the nails and skin and visibly improves their appearance through an oxygenation process. The additional ingredient panthenol delivers moisture to the inside of the nails and the deeper layers of the skin and has a regenerating effect. On contact with the nails and skin, it is converted into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which helps to improve the strength of the nail. OXILVER® Nail Solution Nail Solution in the form of a spray thus helps to comprehensively protect and repair damaged nails and improves their hydration, structure, and flexibility. The nails become stronger, shinier, and less brittle, and the skin more supple, elastic, and soft.