Is a NEW GENERATION of THERAPEUTIC COSMETICS that combines knowledge of cosmetics, medicine and pharmacy.

Is a REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION that helps to decrease or remove symptoms of skin and nail problems as nail and skin fungal and bacterial infection.

Is a therapeutic combination of ACTIVE OXYGEN and COLLOIDAL SILVER which fully supply and oxygenate the skin and nails. Complementary effect regenerates skin and nails and returns their natural strength, shine and healthy look.

ACTIVE OXYGEN COMPOUNDS with COLLOIDAL SILVER acts complementary and synergistically, stabilse each other and increase efficacy of the final product.

Why to choose OXILVER?

  • kills all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • high treatment response rate (> 90%)
  • non-aggressive – for all types of skin
  • no side effects – no allergic reactions
  • no occurence of resistance
  • can be combined with any cosmetic or medical products
  • several indications covered just by one product